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Drag Racing T Shirts from Quarter Mile Addiction

Drag Racing T Shirts from Quarter Mile Addiction

Nostalgia Drag Racing T Shirts. Quarter Mile Addiction has revived classic drag racing commercials and news paper adverts, on their T shirts!. This is something quite unique. You may well remember vintage TV and Radio drag racing commercials, bought to you by Jan Gabriel of "Sunday Sunday Sunday" fame. Or infamous news paper ads announcing drag racing meetings at well known drag strips across America, as such as Lions Drag Way, US York 30 Drag Way, Smokers at Bakersfield (FAMOSO) and many many more. There are many unique designs to suit the many different vintage drag racing classes from back in the day. Some of the classes covered include Super Stock, Pro Stock, Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Hot Rod Gassers and Fuel Altereds. You may also remember (or know someone that did) the Factory Hot Rods and Altered Wheelbase Wars of the early 60's from the "Big Three" auto manufacturers. The "Race on Sunday, sell on Monday" concept is where it all started, and the Factory Horse Power wars still rages on to this day. Long Live Nostalgia Drag Racing

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